promote a wide range of products 促销各种各样的产品

are often subtly arranged to be immediately before,during, or soon after TV programmes 常常巧妙安排在电视节目之前之中和之后

be banned 被禁止

impose bans on sth. 禁止

be bombarded with advertisements 接二连三看到广告

spend heavily to advertise the products 花重金为产品做广告

the target audience for this advertisement 这个广告的对象

Certain features and functions of the products being advertised on TV have actually been greatly exaggerated. 广告中展示的一些特征和功能被明显夸大了。


TV shows 电视节目

turn off the TV 关掉电视

change channels 换台

impose bans on sth. 禁止

watching television 看电视=TV viewing

watch TV 看电视

a pastime 一种消遣方式


is a source of relief from the stress they experience due to school work 释放学习压力

gain general knowledge about life and the world 学到生活中和这个世界上的基本知识

be extremely effective in teaching kids about sth. 在教小孩…方面很有效

bring about some important benefits to sb. 给某人带来好处

have a calming effect on sb. 让某人静下心来

have access to healthy programmes 接触健康节目


are easily exposed to adult-themed programmes 接触到成年人看的电视节目

TV content containing sex, nudity, physical violence 关于性,裸体和暴力的电视节目

desensitise/di:’sensitaiz/ sb.使麻木,使迟钝,降低敏感度

lead them to believe that such behaviour is normal and acceptable 导致他们认为这种行为是正常和可接受的

has very dangerous implications for children’s mental well-being and future behaviour 对小孩的心理健康和未来行为有危险的暗示

lead to bullying, adolescent crime, and teenage pregnancy 导致欺凌,青少年犯罪和青春期怀孕


media organisations 媒体机构

We are constantly fed gossip and speculation by the media. 媒体不断给我们灌输流言飞语和猜测臆断。

The decree imposed strict censorship of the media.



The paparazzi pursue celebrities wherever they travel. 狗仔队追着明星们到他们去的任何地方。

lay bare the private lives of celebrities 揭发,公开名人私生活

are stalked, chased and spied upon by relentless paparazzi 被狗仔队持续跟踪,追逐和窥探

stop publishing stories about the private lifeof celebrities 停止公开名人私生活

be interfered with 被干扰

people’s privacy deserves to be respected 人们的隐私值得被尊重

is so obsessed with the private lives of celebrities 很热衷名人私生活

use famous people as tools to make huge profit 把名人当工具赚钱

is simply unfair and immoral 不公平不道德

be exploited 被利用

clarify things and to give his or her side ofthe story 澄清事实给出自己的说法

be hounded by the press 被媒体烦扰

should have the same privacy that everyone deserves 应该和别人一样有隐私

without the celebrity’s consent 没有这个名人的准许


advertising specifically to children 针对小孩的广告

television advertisements aimed at children 针对小孩的广告

TV advertisements aimed at children 针对小孩的广告

advertising that presents products to children 针对小孩的广告

advertised products for children 针对小孩的广告里的产品

is unethical to target children with advertisements 广告专门针对小孩是不道德的

TV programmes specifically geared towards children 针对小孩喜欢的电视节目

are not mature enough to distinguish advertisingfrom actual TV programmes 不够成熟难以区分广告和电视节目

be able to stay away from the influence advertisements have on them 不能远离广告带给他们的影响

naivety /naɪˈiːvəti/ 天真

can hardly make a sensible and well-informed judgment regarding sth. 很难做明智的门儿清的判断

is immoral and unfair 不道德不公平

create tension between parents and children 让父母和孩子的关系紧张

negatively affect children’s mental well-being 影响小孩心理健康

constantly nag and whine in order to pressure their parents to buy 不断通过发牢骚哭诉来给父母施加压力

makes children whose parents cannot afford them feel inferior to others 让买不起的家长觉得自己不如别人

creates feelings of frustration 产生挫败感

weaken children’s self-esteem 伤害小孩的自尊心

impose bans on 禁止

give clear age definitions for children 定义明确的年龄界限

enforce laws or regulations 实施法律或规定

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