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2022年1-4月雅思口语PART 2

Describe a story some told you and you remember You should say:

What the story was about

Who told you the story

Why you remember it And how you feel about it

Ok, so I heard this story on a Podcast called Endless Threads where they collect stories from this vast online community Reddit.

And this one is from a Reddit post by a woman who’s been together with her fiancé for a year and a half. But she feels that her fiancé has been a bit distant lately. She’s been cheated on in the past and she’s been really insecure with her fiance’s change of behavior. He assures her that he’s just stressed out about work and there’s nothing.

However, this feeling just keeps nagging her, so she did a little investigating, she didn’t snoop his phone or personal accounts, but she made a fake profile on a popular dating site and found him there. This discovery made her a wreck, and she posted it on Reddit for help, she then took some people’ advice and decided to catfish her fiancé on that dating site. So she pretended to be a girl interested in meeting up with him, she sent him a message, and then all of a sudden he deleted his account.

Eventually, she confronted him, she showed him the screen shot she took of his profile. In his defense, the fiance said he was hanging out with his coworker, and this coworker was frustrated with figuring out how to navigate the dating site, so he signed into his old account, to try to help his friend.

I obviously don’t buy this and I believe the fiance is definitely up to something. Long story short, the fiancé apologized for making her insecure, and also deleted another account on another dating site in front of her. They talked it over and no one’s mad now. How do I feel about this story? I remain suspicious and I wish the girl good luck.


nag 让某人(一直)很烦(v.)

snoop 偷看(手机等)(v.)

wreck (情感上)严重受伤(n.)

catfish 在网上伪装成别人,诱骗他人(v.)

2022年1-4月雅思口语PART 3

Do young children like the same stories as older children?

Some stories are classics and children of all ages love them, stories like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and of course Harry Potter. These fairytales speak to universal themes of good versus evil and moral values like hard work and kindness. Children just love to hear them again and again and memorize them. But when children get older, I think they develop a preference for stories that involve more complicated themes, like romance, adventure, searching for identity…that’s probably why Twilight appeals to teens so much.

How has technology changed story storytelling?

In ancient times, stories were mostly passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, there were other traditions as well, such as operas and plays that told epic stories like Hamlet. Thanks to the invention of cinematography or motion pictures, great stories these days are mostly told through the big screen, people are able to not just hear stories but also visually enjoy them. We can search stories online, listen to stories on podcasts and even record our own personal stories using our phone and share them through social media.

How do people tell stories to children?

I think most parents read stories to their children at bedtime, but it is not just about reading the words of a story loud. It takes other skills as well. It is important to be able to use different tones in your voice when you are telling a story. If your voice stays at the same level, it is boring! You will want your voice to go higher and lower. You will want your voice to go louder and softer. And you want to add motion to it as well, like moving around, using your arms, legs, hands and face to tell the story, tickle or scare your child a little bit, make them chuckle or hide under the quilt out of fear. All in all, be sure to interact with children when telling them a story.

Why do children like stories?

Children love stories such as fairy tales because there’s magic: witches, warlocks, good fairies and evil trolls, characters that can transform into something more beautiful or an entirely new shape and this really inspires active imaginations and makes kids feel like anything is possible. And most of these stories have a happily ever after ending, which most kids find comforting and optimistic. In a world where tragedies like gun violence sadden children, these stories give them hope.


appeals to sb 让某人感兴趣,让某人喜欢(v.)

cinematography 电影摄影艺术

motion 动作

tickle 挠痒痒(v.)

quilt 被子