KET/PET备考突破2000词汇第十八期来啦,本期的主题是On the road !

本系列English Vocabulary in Use将和大家分享剑桥英语官方初级词汇的内容,适用于A2高级段和B1初级段的小朋友们,帮助小朋友们轻轻松松突破2000词汇量


Road Signs

Read and Learn

Finding Your Way

Yesterday, I got lost on my way to the airport. I decided to use side roads and go via the village of Pensford, but I took the wrong turning just before I got there, and I ended up in a supermarket car park. Fortunately I was able to ask someone the way , and a very kind woman directed me to the A38, where I could then follow signs for the airport.

An Accident

I saw an accident this morning on the main road into town. A pedestrian – a young boy – stepped off the pavement and into the road just as a car was approaching.

The driver braked , but the car swerved and crashed into a parked car on the opposite side of the road. Fortunately the driver wasn’t injured but both cars were quite badly damaged.



Complete the text.

I was on the 1          road into town today and I saw an 2          . I was 3          a round about when the guy behind tried to 4           me and the driver in front of me. He was driving too fast – over the 5           limit – and he lost control of the car. He had to 6          to avoid a car on the other side of the road, and in the end he 7          into a tree. The car was badly 8           , but to my surprise, the man got out of the car with no 9          at all.


1 main
2 accident
3 approaching
4 overtake
5 speed
6 swerve
7 crashed
8 damaged
9 injuries






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