KET/PET备考突破2000词汇第二十期来啦,本期的主题是Talking about your work!

本系列English Vocabulary in Use将和大家分享剑桥英语官方初级词汇的内容,适用于A2高级段和B1初级段的小朋友们,帮助小朋友们轻轻松松突破2000词汇量!

询问工作英文表达方式:What do you do


What do you do?

What do you do for a living?

What is your job?


I’m a teacher/an engineer/a bus driver.


I work for a … 来表达工作的地方、机构

I work for a community college.

I work for an online English company.

I work for a training company.

I work for the local council.

I work for myself. (个体经营、自主创业)

I work in… 来表达工作的领域

I work in advertising.

I work in sales.

I work in agriculture.

I work in the fashion industry.

I work in the tech industry.


I work in the sales department in a car company.

I work in the marketing department of a cosmetics company.

I work in the design department of a sports company.

工作内容/职责英文表达方式:Job Responsibility


James and Emma are business consultants [商业顾问]. They advise people who want to set up a business [创业], especially in health and fitness. James deals with [处理] the marketing, while Emma is responsible for [负责] products such as towels, equipment, beauty products, etc.

Amy is a manager in a veterinary surgery [兽医诊所]. She runs [经营] the day-to-day business of the surgery and is in charge of [管理]a small team: three receptionists, an accounts manager and a secretary.

She does administration [行政] work such as buying food, medicine and equipment; she also handles any complaints that customers make.


I (verb)

James deals with … …

Amy runs … …

I (do)

She does administration … …

I’m responsible for…

Emma is responsible for … …


I have to…

I manage…

I lead…

I take care of…

I organize…

Most of my time is spent…




The money is great/pretty good!

The money is not very good at all.

The pay is terrible.

I wish the money were better, but what can you do?

I get paid very well.

I am on a pittance! (very low salary)

I earn a lot of money.

I’m paid an average salary.(平均工资)



I work fixed hours.

I work from 9 to 6.

I start work at 9 and finish work at 6.


I have to do so much overtime in my job

I have to do overtime every week

I do overtime most days — and I don’t get paid for it!


I called in sick this week

I am calling in sick today

I need a sick leave.(病假)

I want to take some annual leave.(年假)



Alexander Carpenter works 1           sales, and he’s a regional manager. He 2         the north-west region and he’s 3          for a small team of five other sales people. His job 4          a lot of travelling within the region, and he’s in contact with his team on a day-to- 5          basis. It’s not a nine-to- 6          job: Alexander has to do a lot of 7           . Fortunately he can 8          a lot more money by doing this, and his working 9           are quite good. After income 10           he makes £60,000 11          year. Recently his wife had a baby, but the company gave him extra time 12          to be with her after the birth. Kelly Bradbury is a financial adviser for a bank. She specialises in mortgages, which means that she 13          people who want to buy a flat or a house. At the moment Kelly spends a lot of her time 14          with young people who are trying to buy a property for the first time, which is not easy. She works 15          hours – 9 am to 5 pm – and she doesn’t have to 16           overtime.


1 in

2 runs / is in charge of

3 responsible

4 involves

5 day

6 five

7 overtime

8 earn/make

9 conditions

10 tax

11 a

12 off

13 advises

14 dealing

15 fixed

16 do/work

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