Each time I see you, you look different.

Every time I see you, you look different.



We use each when we think of things separately, one by one,即,把每个当做个体来看待。

例:Put each ball on the table carefully. = put each ball one by one.


We use every when we think of things as a group. The meaning is similar to all.当我们把每个事物看成一个整体时,我们通常使用every。

例:Every ball in the bag is on the table.= all balls in the bag


‘How often do you use your car?’

Every day.’ (not Each day)


1. Each通常用于小数量的物品,Every通常用于大数量的物品:

There were four books on the table. Each book was a different colour.

At the beginning of the game, each player has three cards.

Kate loves reading. She has read every book in the library. (= all the books)

I’d like to visit every country in the world. (= all the countries)

2. Each可以加名词,也可以不加。Every后面一定要加名词。

Each room is different. (each+noun)

None of the rooms are the same. Each is different. (each)

Every room in this hotel is different. (every+noun)

3. 我们可以使用each of…(… 中的每一个)

但是不可以使用every of。Every one of…是可行的。

Each of the books was a different colour. (not each of books)

Each of them was a different colour.

Read each of these sentences carefully

I’ve read every one of those books. (not every of those books)

I’ve read every one of them.


1. Each可以用于指代双方:

In football, each team has eleven players. (not every team)

2. Each既可以用在句首,也可以用在句尾:

The students were each given a book. = Each student was given a book.

3. 在表达单个物品的价钱时,我们通常使用each:

These oranges are 40 pence each. (each = for one orange)

Everyone和Every one的区别

Everyone (one word) 只能用于指代 (= everybody).

Everyone enjoyed the party. (= Everybody …)

Every one (two words) 可以指也可以指:

Sarah is invited to lots of parties and she goes to every one. (= to every party)


1. 在空白处填出each,each of或者every

(1) There were four books on the table. book was a different colour.

(2) The Olympic Games are held four years.

(3) parent worries about their children.

(4) In a game of tennis there are two or four players. player has a racket.

(5) Nicola plays volleyball Thursday evening.

2. 在空白处填出everyone或者every one

(6) Sarah is invited to a lot of parties and she goes to . (7) I remember school very clearly. I remember in my class. (8) I asked her lots of questions and she answered correctly.







(6)every one


(8)Every one


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