KET/PET备考基础语法逐个突破第20弹来啦!今天KET与PET研习社将带大家一起来了解并区分to/for/so that的使用方法~

在英文表达中,我们使用不同的词汇和句式结构来表目的。To/for/so that就是最常见的用来表示目的的词汇。



I called the restaurant to reserve a table.

What do you need to make bread?

We shouted to warn everybody of the danger.

This letter is to confirm the decisions we made at our meeting last week.

The president has a team of bodyguards to protect him.

我们也会说‘a place to park’, ‘something to eat’, ‘work to do’ 等等 :

It’s hard to find a place to park in the city centre. (= a place where you can park)

Would you like something to eat? (= something that you can eat)

Do you have much work to do? (= work that you must do)

money/time/chance/opportunity/energy/courage (etc.) to do something的表达:

They gave us money to buy food.

Do you have much opportunity to practise your English?

I need a few days to think about your proposal.




我们可以说‘for somebody to do something’:

There weren’t any chairs for us to sit on, so we sat on the floor.

我们使用for (do)ing 来表达某物的使用目的:

This brush is for washing the dishes.

我们也可以使用What … for? 来询问目的:

What is this switch for? (= what is it used for?)

What did you do that for? (= why did you do that?)

So that的用法

我们通常将so that (not to …) 与 can/could或will/would连用:

She’s learning English so that she can study in Canada.

We moved to London so that we could see our friends more often.

I hurried so that I wouldn’t be late. (= because I didn’t want to be late)


I hurried so that I wouldn’t be late. or I hurried so I wouldn’t be late.

可以看出so that表目的时,通常引导的是一个子句,而不是单独的词汇、词组。


1. 在空白处填出to/for

(1) We stopped          , petrol.
(2) We’ll need time           make a decision.
(3) I went to the dentist           a check-up.
(4) He’s very old. He needs somebody take          care of him.

2. 将下列句子用so that连接
(1) I hurried. I didn’t want to be late.I hurried                    .

(2) I wore warm clothes. I didn’t want to get cold.I wore warm clothes                        .

(3) I gave Mark my phone number. I wanted him to be able to contact me.I gave Mark my phone number                      .


(1) for
(2) to
(3) for
(4) to

(1) so that I wouldn’t be late.
(2) so that I wouldn’t get/be cold.
(3) so that he could contact me. / would be able to contact me.






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